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Tariq Tafu!

Tariq Tafu Like all natural-born musician and singers hail from a reputed musical family. His father, Ustad Altaf Hussain Tafu, is a well-recognized music director and popular for his un-matched contributions from the music industry of Pakistan.

Born in the legend city of Pakistan, Lahore. Tariq Tafu started his music carrier at a tender age of 7, but got immediate attention was noticed, & acknowledged as a trend setter in the music industry when he composed and sang his mega his debut "Lahore Lahore Aey". He was honoured to composed and sang with Malka-i-Tarranum Madam Noor Jahan. He is born singer/composer who genetically inherited he gift of melodious voice and the art of playing almost all musical instruments including Drum, Guitar, Keyboard and Piano He performed all over the world with hi typical Lahore accent holding concerts for his fans.

Tariq is now making his foray in to the domain of hunting and growing raw talent. He believes that everybody has a talent that needs to be explored, what is required as a key to success is the guidance ad the platform. At "Tafu Khan Music College" his team will ensure that talent will be dealt by the music industry's top professionals who will invite their experience and expertise to convert talent in to a shining star.

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